Living Well Medical

Welcome to Living Well Medical. Established in 1999 in the heart of New York City, it was envisioned as a cutting edge wellness and pain management center centered around helping patients avoid invasive surgery and to help people heal faster and keep them injury and pain free far longer than a traditional medical practice. We combine the best, cutting edge, and proven treatment techniques available in NYC. A multidiciplinary approach is used to help patients get more out of their time in treatment.

Our staff includes medical doctors as well as some of the best chiropractic practitioners in Manhattan, and we also have a massage specialist on staff. Living Well Medical has many treatment options and techniques available and we are able to treat almost any painful condition without surgery.

Dr. Mila Mogilevsky (Osteopathic Medicine)

Dr. Steven Shoshany (Chiropractor)

Dr. Jason Fidler (Chiropractor)

Dr. Marina Poretsky (Physical Therapist)

LMT. David Vargas (Licensed Massage Therapist)

“I’ve been visiting chiropractors for 15 years and this is hands down the best office I have ever stepped in for care. Everything is under one roof – from chiropractic adjustments to decompression treatments to physical therapy and cortisone injections / pain management. Everything. ” Read the entire review on google
_Joe A
“I suffer from a a myriad of back issues that through the help of Dr. Shoshany and his team using chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage and Graston I have been able to feel human again. ” Read the entire review on google
My first visit made a big difference, now I’m living pain free – thanks to his personalized treatment. These days I go to his office for maintenance and massage, I always feel great after.
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_Robert F.